Rockwood Academy’s History Department aims to help students to understand the social, political, religious and economic conditions of people in the world today. The present is the child of the past, so examining the past helps us to understand the present.

  • Students to develop their knowledge and understanding of specified key events, periods and societies in local, British, and wider world history; and of the wide diversity of human experience.
  • Engage in historical enquiry to develop as independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers.
  • Develop the ability to ask relevant questions about the past, to investigate issues critically and to make valid historical claims by using a range of sources in their historical context.
Head of Department

Head of Department: Mr G Singh

Termly Topics (SOW Overview)

Key Stage 3: Year 7

  • Historical skills
  • What was medieval England like?
  • England under the Normans
  • Religion in the Middle Ages
  • The Crown versus the Church
  • The Crusades
  • Tudors and Stuarts
  • British Empire.
Termly Topics (SOW Overview)
  1. Industrial Revolution
  2. Slavery
  3. Civil Rights
  4. World War One
  5. World War Two
  6. French Revolution
Termly Topics (SOW Overview)
  1. Peace Making
  2. The League of Nations and International Peace
  3. The Origins and Outbreak of the Second World War
  4. The Occupation of Czechoslovakia
  5. Key Individuals: Hitler, Stalin and Chamberlain
  6. The Nazi-Soviet Pact; the Invasion of Poland and Outbreak of War
Termly Topics (SOW Overview)
  1. American People and the ‘Boom’
  2. Americans’ Experiences of the Depression and New Deal
  3. Post-war America
  4. Racial Tension and Developments in the Civil Rights Campaigns
  5. America and the ‘Great Society
  6. Divided Society: Organised Crime, Prohibition and their Impact on Society
Termly Topics (SOW Overview)
  1. Medicine Stands Still
  2. The Beginnings of Change
  3. A Revolution in Medicine
  4. Modern Medicine
  5. Elizabeth’s Court and Parliament
  6. Life in Elizabethan Times
Recommended resources and reading books
  • AQA GCSE History: Conflict and Tension 1918–1939
  • AQA GCSE History: America 1920-1973: Opportunity and Inequality
  • AQA GCSE History: Elizabethan England c1568-1603
  • AQA GCSE History: Health and the People
Qualification, Examination and Assessment

Paper 1 written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes
84 marks (including four marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar). 50% of GCSE

Paper 2 written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes
84 marks (including four marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar). 50% of GCSE