Music is all around us. It influences our moods and emotions and stimulates and excites us in many ways. Music should be a joyful experience, with students developing life skills along the way. Our aim is to offer a stimulating and creative environment for all students at Rockwood Academy.

  • To broaden the musical experience of all students through the rich curriculum
  • To reflect the musical interests and aspirations of our students
  • To enable students to develop their potential through practical activities such as regular group instrumental lessons and performances
  • To cater for all ability levels and interests
Head of Department

Head of Department: Miss L Wilkins
9 peripatetic music teachers from The Birmingham Music Service

Termly Topics (SOW Overview)

Year 8 and Year 7 2016/2017

  1. The Musical Elements
  2. Introduction to Keyboards
  3. 4 Chord Songs
  4. African Music
  5. Film Music (Horror)
  6. Rap
Termly Topics (SOW Overview)

Starting September 2017

  1. Video Game Music
  2. Folk Music of the UK
  3. Indian Music
  4. Storm Music
  5. The Blues
  6. Chinese Music
Termly Topics (SOW Overview)
  1. My Music – Introduction to composition
  2. Group Performance
  3. Rhythms of the World
  4. Indian Classical Music
  5. Film Music
  6. Conventions of Pop
Termly Topics (SOW Overview)
  1. My Music – Composition 1
  2. African Music
  3. Samba Music
  4. Indian Classical Music
  5. Film Music
  6. Conventions of Pop
Termly Topics (SOW Overview)
  1. My Music – Solo Performance 2
  2. The Concerto Through Time
  3. My Music – Ensemble Performance
  4. My Music – Composition 2
  5. Rhythms of the world – Greek, Palestinian, Israeli music
  6. Rhythms of the world – Calypso music
Recommended resources and reading books
Qualification, Examination and Assessment

Each unit has a specific focus for assessment, which is reflected by a comprehensive record for each child over the course of years 7 and 8. At GCSE, students will complete the OCR qualification in Music. Students will complete a course which focuses on 5 detailed areas of study:

  • My Music
  • The Concerto Through Time
  • Rhythms of the World
  • Film Music
  • Conventions of Pop

Students will be assessed in two main areas:

  1. Coursework (60%): Students will complete two compositions (one to their own brief and one to a stimulus) and two compositions (one solo, one ensemble) which will be assessed internally.
  2. Listening Exam (40%): Students will sit a listening paper in year 11 which focuses on areas of study 1 to 5.

Students throughout the Academy are also able to take advantage of our wide range of instrumental and vocal opportunities. We are lucky to have the support of a range of talented teachers from the Birmingham Music Service and are currently able to offer lessons on:

  • Dhol drums and African Drums
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • French Horn
  • Euphonium
  • Flute and Clarinet
  • Violin
  • Vocals
  • Guitar

Students are able to sit examinations in their chosen instrument and can do this with the support of their instrumental/vocal teacher.