Activities Week

Thursday 17th December 2020

Rockwood Academy – December 2020. 

We are very proud of the fact that in week 14th -17th December students at Rockwood Academy took part in a week of activity dedicated to wellbeing, curriculum knowledge and skill development.

All curriculum subjects were tasked with designing a week long activity programme dedicated to fun, enjoyment and the development of our core values. 

The emphasis on fun and students wellbeing is our way of ensuring that even with the restrictions in these unprecedented times we are prepared to think creatively. 

Our declared priority is to continually offer a high quality curriculum that inspires, motivates and develops our students and confident, articulate creative thinkers.   

The week itself, has been packed with activities that place students outside their comfort zone and offer the opportunity to experience aspects of the curriculum they may not have had the chance to do.

Activities such as; the champions league in sport, origami Santa making in mathematics, solving the pandemic in humanities, visiting the virtual show in expressive arts and seeing the spectacular science show as well, debating themes such as beetles inspired “money can’t buy me love” are just some of the very exciting challenges students have been faced with.

The sessions have been designed to be longer in nature to give an opportunity to dig deep into concepts, reflect on progress, grapple with ideas and identify the next steps in learning.

A huge emphasis during the week has been to focus on wellbeing and this has been captured by ensuring students are given the chance to present ideas, demonstrate their ideas, perform, debate and showcase their talents in ways that potentially moves away from the rigours of the national curriculum.

The extra physical education time, has also proven to support student wellbeing because students are able to use this practical time to work out for a longer, sustained period, ensuring that they are conscious of the health and fitness benefits associated with Physical Activity.

All of the activities and range of experiences have also been designed to promote the development of key skills. 
These key skills such as collaboration, decision making, creative thinking, noticing, problem solving and communication have been strategically mapped against each activity to provide students with an understanding that the curriculum is not just about knowledge but in fact is rich in softer skills that can enhance their appreciation of wider society, prepare for adult life and become a more rounded individual.

It has been our intention to make students fully aware that these key skills are transferable across the globe and in fact make them “global citizens”.   We look forward to identifying the amazing talent that is part of the culture of Rockwood Academy.       

Hear from students:

“We have had great fun doing out art and construction skills today doing origami” Diyanah, Year 7

“I have written about Black Lives Matter because people think it’s a trend and how everyone of colour should be treated with respect. To make it more powerful I practised using metaphors and repetition in my poetry.” Ayaan, Year 10

“We’re doing about COVID versus the plague and looked at the similarities. For our comparison skills we got information from a film about the two and had to compare them. For our map skills we had to plot on the maps where the illnesses were.” Sakeenah, Year 8.

“This coding of making a game has helped us to visualise how games are made and it is very much fun” Zayd, Year 9