Black History Month

Wednesday 25th November 2020

Black History Month

Black History Month has long been an important event in the Rockwood calendar. This year, students from years 7 to 11 were involved in a range of activities across all subjects.  

There was inspiration, with students learning about black people who have made the world a better place. In Science, students learnt about great black scientists like Patricia Bath and George Carruthers.  

In Art, students drew pictures of inspiring black figures, like Doctor Charles R. Drew, whose work was vital in establishing blood banks. These drawings by the pupils were then put together to make a postcard, which was sent to the home of every student in the school. You can see a picture of the artwork at the top of this postcard.

Students also learnt about people of colour people who have stood up for black rights. In History, students learnt about Olaudah Equiano, whilst in Maths students made a chronology of the life of Rosa Parks. 

As well as studying the role black people have played in making the world a better place, students were also challenged to think about the ways in which they have been mistreated historically. Students learnt about slavery in the British Empire. In Drama, students discussed refugees in the world today and, through their own compositions, explored the idea of empathy. 

Faiza Hussain, who is also in Year 10 and worked on the film, said: “At Rockwood we always study Black History Month and I always learn different things. What was different this year was the postcard to students’ homes. We are getting the message to families too!”  At Rockwood, we will continue to teach tolerance and respect.