Another year of GCSE success at Rockwood Academy

Thursday 24th August 2017

Huge congratulations to Rockwood Academy GCSE students on their results today.
There’s real cause for celebration, particularly in English. An amazing 73 per cent of children taking the exam achieved a “good pass” – deemed a “world class standard” result, against last year’s national average of 40 per cent.
We’ve also posted year-on-year improvements in Progress 8 and Attainment 8, the benchmark which measures academic success across all GCSE subjects.
Furthermore, 10 per cent of our superstar students have achieved A* or A results across all subjects, smashing the national average of three per cent.
And eight of our students achieved a grade nine in English Literature, English Language or Maths under the new tougher GCSE grading system.
Our head teacher Ms Darr has offered her congratulations to our fantastic students.
She commented: “I’m really encouraged by the results, which demonstrate Rockwood Academy continues to be a model of consistency and make good solid progress each year at GCSE. This is down to the hard work of the students and our staff.

“There is nothing better in education than seeing young people fulfil their potential and I am very proud of the achievements we are seeing today. Importantly, I’m also extremely grateful to parents and carers, who have supported their children in their schoolwork, enabling them to do as well as they have.”
One of our superstar students is Samiah Sadek, who achieved two A*s, five As and one B. Upon opening her results, she said: “I’m so shocked – I never thought I would get anywhere near the result I’ve got. I thought it would be Bs and Cs, with an A if I was lucky. The teachers here have been fantastic and I’m so happy. My family say they haven’t seen me for months because I’ve been in my room revising, but it has all been worth it.”
Fellow student, Ifsa Ahmed added: “I’ve got three A*s and five As. I can’t believe it. I actually thought I would get a C in English, I’m so excited and happy. It means my place at grammar school for A levels is now secure and I will hopefully work towards a career in medicine as a paediatrician.”
Some of this year’s GCSE results have been graded under a new numerical system. Further information can be found here.