Remembrance Week Celebrations

Monday 12th November 2018

During the week of the 5th to the 9th November 2018, students from Rockwood Academy engaged in a number of interactive and educational activities to mark the end of the World War One’s centenary.

Poppies were displayed in various ways across Rockwood Academy whilst students were encouraged to take part in the poppy-wearing tradition, which began as a way of remembering those who gave their lives in battle, with the poppy being the flower that grew on the battlefields after World War One. The week’s assemblies expanded on the poppy tradition by offering a further insight into why poppies are worn and where the tradition originated from.

The week’s activities culminated in a series of Remembrance gathering which included readings of classic war poems performed by Rockwood Academy’s very own CCF cadets, as well as a 2 minutes silence preceded by the traditional bugle call known as The Last Post.

Through embedding our CORE value of respect into the week’s activities, both students and staff understood the weeks key message: the promotion of peace.