Rockwood opens £14 million new building

Thursday 7th January 2021

Rockwood Academy is proud to announce the opening of our brand new building. The building has been named after beloved close friend of the school, Mady Gerrard. The Mady Gerrard Building officially opened on Thursday the 7th of January. Rockwood held the opening ceremony online, in line with government lockdown regulations. You can watch the launching film here.

The event doubled up as the launch and first day of Horizons 21, Echo Eternal’s festival commemorating the Holocaust. The theme for this year is ‘Be the light in the darkness’. Each day of the ceremony will be dedicated to a different Holocaust survivor, with schools making a pledge in the survivor’s name.

The 7th January, the first day of the ceremony, was devoted to Mady and our pledge was as follows:

In Mady Gerrard’s name we pledge to share her testimony and put Mady at the centre of our learning environment. We will do this by naming the new building of the school after her, ensuring her name and testimony are forever included in the work of the school curriculum and community activity.

Rockwood Academy and Echo Eternal quickly adapted the plans for the opening ceremony after the announcement of a new national lockdown. The ceremony took place online, and a significant part of the ceremony was a discussion a Zoom discussion between Mady Gerrard and Sana, our head girl.

The building is state of the art and has 14 new classrooms, a state of the art studio and brilliant new technologies for our students to access in the new Learning Resource Centre. We so look forward to welcoming our students into the new building as soon as we are able to do so. 

Sofia Darr, Head Teacher of Rockwood Academy, said: “This is a proud day, long in the making. The building process has last eighteen months, and planning much longer. The Mady Gerrard Building is just what Rockwood needs for the next stage of its development. As our school expands, our students deserve the very best environment in which to work.”

“Luckily, we were able to show our students the building before lockdown began. The fact that they will have the new building to come back to will make the end of lockdown even more special.”