Rockwood students praised by army brigadier

Tuesday 20th October 2020

Six Year 11s and two Year 10s received praise today from Brigadier Stuart Williams OBE, in a special award ceremony in which they were given their Level 2 Award for Young Leaders. The brigadier praised the students’ resilience, and he urged them to continue to show their leadership skills going forward.

The brigadier joined us remotely over MS Teams, as did the two students from Year 10. In the room were the Year 11 students, head teacher Miss Darr and our CCF commanders, Mr Tucker and Mr Chwalinski. The ceremony is a good example of how we are continuing to offer our students opportunities despite the pandemic and whilst closely following government guidelines.


After an opening speech by Miss Darr, Brigadier Stuart Williams OBE spoke to the students for about ten minutes. He talked about the importance of leadership, in army settings but also more broadly. He talked about the chances which Rockwood offers students, and praised the young people present for taking up these opportunities.


Next, the students received their certificates, saluting the brigadier as they saw him on the projected screen. Perhaps the most interesting part of the event was the Q&A. Students first asked the brigadier about his career in the army, and they were especially interested to hear how long he had served. Even the year 10 students online asked questions.


Zaynah Bashir, from Year 11, asked whether the army planned to start issuing hijabs as part of CCF uniform. She said that this would encourage more girls from our school to join CCF. The brigadier was clearly very interested in this idea, and he said he would go away and look into the possibility of making this change. We all thought Zaynah’s question was a brilliant example of the kind of leadership which got our students these certificates in the first place!


All in all, the event was a great success; we our proud of all the students who took part. We would like to thank the brigadier for taking time out of his busy schedule to show his support for Rockwood’s CCF and our students.