Rockwood students remember the fallen

Thursday 3rd December 2020

11th November 2020

Every year Rockwood Academy is proud to remember those who fought for us in World War One and Two. This year, despite extra complications surrounding social distancing and COVID-19, the entire school came out to pay our respects at 11 am. Respecting memorial day is very important to us at Rockwood, because it ties so closely with the school’s CORE values, particularly the value of respect.

The ceremony involved our school cadets, two of whom paid their respects by reading poems in front of the whole school. The poems read were J. McCrae’s ‘Flanders Fields’ and a stanza from R. L Binyon’s ‘For the Fallen’. The ceremony presented another opportunity to show the excellence of Rockwood students. All of our students were very well-behaved and adhered to the social distancing measures put in place by the school, both while listening to the poems and throughout the two-minute silence.

Mr Tucker, who leads the cadets at Rockwood Academy, comments that it was “a great Ceremony. All the students and staff observed the two-minute silence; they were all so respectful. Two cadets took an active part in the Ceremony: one from year 8 and one from year 10.”

Year 8 student Z.B said: “it was really interesting to be part of the Remembrance Day ceremony. I enjoyed being able to work with other students. I really liked the poem, and it was nice because my sister would have read it but she couldn’t this year.”

I.A, from year 10, said: “I was honoured to read the poem at the ceremony – I felt proud to be involved.”

There are plenty of fun opportunities coming with the CCF Cadets. One notably exciting opportunity is ‘Photo Presentation Day’. The Cadets are very lucky to be issued with new hijab as part of their uniforms. This is very exciting as the new addition to the uniform only came about because our students asked a high-ranking army officer whether this addition could be made to the cadet uniform.