Rockwood students show their generosity for Children in need

Thursday 3rd December 2020

Children in Need this year took place on the 13th of November and, as usual, Rockwood staff and pupils got fully invested in having fun and raising money for charity. Every year, Rockwood raises a fantastic amount of money; this year was no different, with an impressive £700 raised.  Throughout the day, there were a number of curriculum-wide activities taking place. Year 7s wrote speeches about children’s rights in their English lessons, and the year 11 played a knowledge-retrieval game: for every answer they got right, Ms Singh donated 50p to Children in Need! Our year 8s organised a come-to-school-in-trainer’s day, and nearly every pupil donated towards the BBC charity. During their lunch breaks, all students were given the opportunity to beat Mr Cooke at table tennis!

Miss De Jesus and Mr Robinson ran an ‘M&M Challenge’, where students had to guess the number of M&Ms in the jar, and could also guess the weight of a chocolate cake. The M&M competition was open to all five year groups and cost 20p a go, raising over £50! Congratulations to N.A for correctly guessing the weight of the cake and to Z.B and M.D for guessing the number of M&Ms.

Children in Need is a particularly important event each year for one of our brilliant members of staff here at Rockwood Academy, Mr Robinson. Speaking about his involvement in this year’s event he said: “Having grown up with a disabled sister, the charity work that Children In Need helps to support is extremely important to me, personally, and I am really proud of everything we have done and raised this year at Rockwood Academy.” Miss De Jesus would also like to thank all of the students who contributed towards this amazing cause.