Sana joins the conversation at an event for Save the Children

Thursday 4th March 2021

On Wednesday 3 March, Year 11 student Sana took part in an event for Save the Children. Sana joined HRH The Princess Royal and experts from the UK and Kenya to discuss Save the Children’s global humanitarian and advocacy work in response to the pandemic, their work with children and families in the UK and their emergency education plan. Sana spoke on some of the challenges young people have faced this year and global social injustice, which is a subject that Sana is particularly passionate about.

Discussing her experiences during the pandemic and the impact it has had on her education, Sana explained how the last 12 months have created uncertainty for many children around the world. Sana talked about how young people have had to adapt very quickly, which has led to an increase in pressure and impacted mental health.

Reflecting on the last year, Sana had some advice for young people about how to survive through this difficult period, which included taking the time to focus on themselves, trying to see the positives and talking to someone if they are struggling.

Sana discussed Echo Eternal, the commemorative arts engagement programme inspired by Holocaust survivor testimony, her work as an Eternal Flame fellow and her desire to help people understand injustices of the past so that they are less likely to be repeated.

Proud to represent the voice of young people, Sana explained how she is looking forward to the future, being able to see people again and continuing to tackle global injustice.

Well done Sana, you are a true inspiration to us all!

Sana speaking at the Echo Eternal Flame induction, September 2020