Year 11 Mock Examinations

On: 7th - 10th Dec 2015

23rd November 2015

Dear parents/carers,

Year 11 Mock Examinations will be taking place from Monday 7th December to Thursday 10th December. These are a vital part of your child’s preparation for the final exams this summer. The results enable the teachers to identify what your child has done well in and identify areas where he/she will need further support.

In planning our programme for this academic year we have tried hard to ensure minimum disruption to the normal teaching life of the Academy.

Students will need to attend school as normal and come to their exams, with the correct equipment and texts as necessary and be in full school uniform. During this period normal lessons will take place for Year 11 pupils when they don’t have an examination.

The examinations will be conducted under the conditions laid down by the Examining Boards.

Over the coming weeks we expect your child to prepare for these examinations thoroughly taking into account the advice and feedback from their teachers and the pastoral team. Over the last few weeks subjects teacher have held after school revision sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Saturday mornings, to help the students in their preparation.

We appreciate your help in supporting your child in their GCSE studies in Year 11. You may wish to help your child by checking their timetable with them and by reading the Information for Pupils sheet. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries.

Yours sincerely

A Hussain

Vice Principal


Information for Students

Year 11 Mock Examinations 2015

Monday 7th December 2015 – Thursday 10th December 2015

Just before the end of term you will be taking Mock GCSE examinations. These exams are very important for a number of reasons. They give you and your teachers an indication of your progress to date. They also give you a sample of what the exams in the Summer 2016 will be like.

You have been given a detailed exam timetable which shows the date, venue and seat number for each exam you will be taking. Please make sure you are at your exam room at least 10 minutes before the exam is due to start.

Seating plans will be on display outside exams rooms and also outside the Pastoral Office/Form rooms.

The exams are being conducted under the rules set out by JCQ (Joint Council for qualifications).

Once in the exam room there is to be no talking or signalling to other pupils. Silence is required at all times. Any form of cheating, disturbing others, or turning around is not allowed.

Leave your bags and coats at the back of the Hall in which you are taking your exam.

In external exams MOBILE PHONES, IPODS, MP3S ETC ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE EXAMINATION ROOM and should be left at home.

No food or drink may be taken into the exam room except for a small water bottle.

Ensure you have the correct equipment for your exams, especially pens, pencils, ruler, eraser and calculator.

Ensure you revise thoroughly. Use your timetable to plan your revision.

A copy of the full timetable can be downloaded here.

Please take care of your detailed personal timetable.

This timetable shows you exactly where you will be seated for each exam. DO NOT LOSE IT!

If you have any queries about your exams or your timetable then see Mrs N Marva.

Good luck.