Academy Ethos and Values

Academy Ethos and Values

Rockwood Academy is guided by CORE Education Trust’s values of collaboration, opportunity, respect and excellence. At Rockwood we embrace, celebrate and promote the CORE Values, which guide us in all our endeavours.

CORE Education Trust was founded in 2015 and its approach is to offer schools and academies bespoke, local solution sponsorship arrangements. The Trust works closely with its leaders to ensure the CORE Values are embodied by the staff and children in its schools and academies.

Rockwood Academy is a place where students always come first. Our ethos is expressed through our motto: High standards, no excuses.

Our School Charter is at the heart of our school life. As part of our status as a Unicef rights respecting school (See our Rights Respecting School page here), our students have chosen four articles from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to form the charter:

Article 28.  Right to education

  • As students we will: work hard and support other students as they learn.
  • As staff we will: deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of our students.

Article 19. Protection from violence, abuse and neglect

  • As students we will: do everything we can to stay safe and take on board advice we receive at school.
  • As adults we will: ensure our students are safe through rigorous support and wellbeing programmes.

Article 12. Respect for the views of the child

  • As students we will: contribute actively to school life and share our ideas.
  • As adults we will: listen to students’ views and act on them appropriately.


Article 2. non-discrimination

  • As students we will: treat everyone whatever their background as we would wish to be treated ourselves.
  • As adults we will: embed the CORE value of respect in everything we do.

You can see the School Charter poster here.

CORE Education Trust is based at 55 St Paul’s Square, Birmingham B3 1QS. Please call 0121 389 2824 to speak to their office.