Pastoral care

How we look after your child

Our carefully designed care system means we get to know every child in the Academy. This means we can encourage and reward their successes and help them through any problems which might affect their progress.

Our team of trained pastoral staff works with students and parents to provide this support in a safe environment. If a student experiences any difficulties, whether academic, personal or emotional, the pastoral team will give guidance and support.

If there are any problems that arise while your child is at Rockwood Academy, please tell a member of the Pastoral team as soon as you can and they will be happy to help.

Our success at Rockwood Academy is based on strong student, parent and school partnerships. It has been at the forefront of our achievement. We will work with you to ensure all students leave Rockwood Academy ready to make positive contributions to the wider society.

‘Learning can be tough but it is good to know that everyone at Rockwood cares.’  
Zain, Rockwood student

Learning & Outcomes Team