Year 11 GCSEs

Dear parents and carers,

As we reach the end of your child’s time at Rockwood Academy, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support – in particular, over the recent months of disruption caused by the pandemic.

Despite the challenges, the students have shown real maturity, taking personal responsibility for their learning throughout the school closures and great resilience during our recent school tests. This has helped ensure they have continued to make progress and, importantly, has given us the evidence needed to determine their GCSE grades.

As you will know from previous letters, this year teachers have determined all GCSE grades. To help in this task, we developed a rigorous process so that grades accurately and consistently reflect each student’s performance. We have drawn on a wide range of evidence including class work, homework, projects and assignments, mock exams and the further tests held this term; and we have shared a summary of the evidence we have used with each student, giving them the opportunity to confirm they are satisfied with this evidence forming the basis of their grade. Every grade has been moderated – using the same process – within each subject department, and across the school and trust; and I have personally confirmed each grade before it was submitted to the exam board on 18 June. The boards themselves will now carry out a further verification process before issuing results on Thursday 12 August.

As in previous years, your child will be able to collect their results at school on Thursday 12 August from 10am. I will communicate further details regarding this process before the end of term. Staff will be on hand to give students the best possible advice and support, to help them take their next step – whether to further education, training or work. The senior leadership team and I will also be available to help with any questions you, or your child, may have. In the event that you believe an error has been made with a grade, or have another concern, please speak to a senior colleague or me. We will be happy to discuss this with you and to explain the steps to making an appeal that the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has set out this year (see page 8), should that be required.
I hope your child enjoyed the events we have been able to hold in these final weeks – including our leavers meal – and that they have helped make their end of school really memorable.

I hope to see you in school in August. Until then, my best wishes for a good summer ahead.

Kind regards

David Cook

Acting Headteacher