Our Academy

Rockwood Academy is a place where students always come first. They apply themselves with diligence and enthusiasm in all that they do every day. They are supported by a hardworking and caring team of teaching and support staff who work collaboratively to create a culture of aspiration and purpose.

Parents choose Rockwood because it is connected to and enriched by its community many parents were students here themselves. We take pride in being a neighbourhood Academy and we enjoy positive relationships with families. The values of our neighbourhood inspire our pursuit to promote tolerance and diversity.

We are heavily oversubscribed and attendance is high because our students are keen to learn. They hunger for success and our results are above the national average. We hope you find what you need on this site, but we invite you to visit our Academy to really feel the positive atmosphere that comes from our students’ passion for learning.

Above all, we are a supportive and respectful community and we want you to be a part of it. We want to share our young people’s stories and successes with you, so please follow us on Twitter or come and pay us a visit.

There’s so much more to say. Please continue to explore our mission and our vision and ethos.

The Academy actively involves parents and carers on day one of any incident around, welfare, behaviour or conduct. We have a graduated and restorative approach. We aim to be objective to promote equality. Our positive behaviour policy is driven towards working together and praising our students in every way we can.